Why Logos don’t need to be symmetrical all the time?

There is a great explanation at creativebloq.com about “Why logo doesn’t need to be symmetrical all the time?”

Believe in your eyes when designing.

This is very important for beginners to understand that optical viewing is more important than geometrical symmetry. Believe your eyes instead, it never lies to you.

Click here to read, the example used in the article is Nintendo Switch logo.


iOS 11’s Appstore icon fault

I love the new iOS 11 Appstore’s icon, but there is only one issue that is bugging me off everytime I look at it on my iPhone. Am I the only one who noticed this? The¬†shadow cut not being straight.

The rightmost image is the icon is supposed to be.

Free logos!

Freebies never look so good.

These golds, rather than sitting inside the hard drive, Im giving my unused concepts and logos for free. I hope it can be usefull for personal/school projects or maybe logo placeholder for mockups and website development. Grab the Picoclip here!.

All Corners Wildlife Removal

All Corners Group acquired a wildlife removal company called B.H.W.R and they changed the name to All Corners Wildlife Removal (ACWR).

Old logo (left) vs Refined logo (right).

While they loved the old logo, especially the expression of the racoon, they felt the old logo was too complex and too illustrative. My job was to redesign the logo to be more modern looking but still has that racoon’s face expression.

Ka Moa Media

Ka Moa means rooster in Hawaiian, They are two developers that provide web and application development services. Most of their clients are based in Hawaii, Micronesia and Tahiti.

Old logo (left) vs Refined logo (right).

They wanted me to simplify the old logo so it will scale down well in small size.

Pubg Unite

PUBG Unite is an online gambling business. The PUBG word itself is an abbreviation of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. An online survival shooter multiplayer game.

Old logo (left) vs Refined logo (right).

They needed a logo that conveys the PUBG game and gambling. My idea was to use the iconic Spetsnaz helmet that often used in the game. The logo shows the helmet on a table with dices that represents gambling rolling beside it.

Revive Freedom

Revive Freedom is a website that sells Libertarian apparel. Revive Freedom also plans to be a blog about changing US laws, such as ending the war on drugs and other current issues.

Old logo (left) vs Refined logo (right).

The old logo was really restrictive, it will not fit well in a lot of place like web header and social media profile picture. The new boxy shape of the refined logo is easier to use anywhere.

Lightning Hydraulic Repair

Lightning Hydraulic Repair LLC offers hydraulic service in Sarasota, FL.

Old logo (left) vs Refined logo (right).

The new refined logo is more simple using less colors and it scales down well to small size.

Uniform Design.